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 Throughout his experience as project leader at the Chaix and Morel architectural workshop, Itamar Krauss acquired a complete vision in the field of design and realization with the projects for the physics department of University Paris VII and the building Offices “Prelude” on the Armagnac islet in Bordeaux.
As he deals with various scales and programs – whether a public facility, a private housing unit or the recent social housing in Saint-Denis – the most important attentionis hold on an inventive and generous look which considers that architecture is first of all made for the others.




Sustainability, generosity and responsibility are the first of the values ​​carried by Atelier Krauss Architecture.
Considering each command as unique and no ready-made recipes, is the definition of the work philosphy  of the workshop.

Respecting the world of its clients, it is first of all the spirit of a place that it seeks to reveal in order to respond as closely as possible to a programmatic and functional demand.
To be a part of time, a project must be able to find its precise place and assert itself as a contemporary element interacting with its urban and also social context.
Whether new construction or rehabilitation, the approach can not be fixed, the challenge is to find the catch that makes sense. It is all about getting  to the essential point, assuming the simplicity that goes with a form of evidence and the motto of the agency could be “Simpler is better”. From this point of view, it attaches great importance to details which, by near or far vision, contribute to the coherence and elegance of a building.
If listening and reactivity are part of its demands, the workshop also believes in establishing a real dialogue with its clients, convinced that it constitutes an architectural and human added benefits.


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